Blog Interview- Joel Buhia with Great Outdoors Adventure

This is a special Blog Post in Interview format. I interviewed Joel Buhia with Great Outdoors Adventure. He is located in Hong Kong. We decided on the blog interview format to make the time difference easier. Below are the answers he gave me for each question I sent him. He is a pretty interesting guy and I enjoyed his answers below:

About me: I was born in Philippines. Grew up in a rural area where I can run freely and enjoy nature. I’m a very adventurous type of person since I was little kid…meaning, nature is my playground, trees are my shelter, rivers and waterfalls are my bathrooms and being on top of the mountain and seeing the wonders of nature is like being in my own living room. I started falling in love with nature since I was a kid and when I turned 5th grade, “Boy Scouts” boosted my passion more. The level of outdoor education becomes a daily basis and I’m still learning every single day (that’s why I love it). I studied Bushcraft & Survival (self taught) then motivate or encourage others be more self reliant. I like Hiking, Camping, Hammocking, Tarping, Kayaking, Canyoneering and more. That’s why I founded the very first registered mountaineering society here in Hong Kong and it called “Filipino Mountaineers Society”. I was totally inspired by my former group in Philippines.

Interesting fact about me: Well, as an outdoorsman I became more self reliant. I handcraft many things that I personally use in the great outdoors., such as: – Knives – Tarp Shelter – Leather Haversack – Packframes – Leather Backpack – Trekking Poles – Anorak – Hammock – Stoves – Cook System – Leather Combustion Kit (Fire Kit) …and so much more!

Favorite Part About Being Outdoors: “HAPPINESS & FREEDOM” As far as getting outdoors adventure on a daily basis, I get to apply all the skills I’ve acquired and at the same time, inspire everyone to do the same. Being wild and free and at the same time “happy” is always good and it’s always been my ultimate goal.

What I want to accomplish in G.O.A. (Great Outdoors Adventure)? – I simply want to get every individual outdoors and live their lives to the fullest and without boundaries and limitations. I’d like everyone to always step outside and learn new things ~ naturally…especially, with the new generations of adventurers.

STORY: I was in the outdoors guiding a bunch of hikers in Hong Kong and I was 20 to 30 feet away from the group when suddenly…a rear and extinct animal appeared in front of me. “BARKING DEER” – they are very sensitive to sounds of invaders and flee every time they sense threats. But on that moment, it was looking at me and trying to approach me…as if it was curious about me as well. 5 feet in front me while staring at each others eyes, then suddenly the group of hikers that I’m guiding made a mistake by yelling and shouting because they were so excited to see it as well…and it took off before it gets closer to me. (Bummer!)

3 Things To Take: 1.) Knife – High Carbon Steel, 5 inches blade length, 4.5 inches handle and it has Scandinavian grind. Why? Because knife is the most essential tool whether if you’re in a survival situation or not. It can process food and be useful for simple to medium hard tasks when processing wood, especially when building shelter. It is definitely useful for hunting and self-defense. A good piece of flint can be used to throw some sparks to easily create fire. 2.) Container – Something stainless steel, something that I use to transport and process water  as well as cook my food. A standard USGI Canteen & Cup Kit (stainless steel) will do just fine. 3.) Canvas Tarp – Super ideal for me, in terms of shelter. It has various configurations (which make it fun to use already!) & it’s a great survival shelter in the great outdoors.

Suggest the Best
In terms of sleep system, I personally use a rubber type pad with 1 side insulation and one side without. I always tend to use the one with the insolation side because I love to retain my body heat during cold nights.

MATTRESS – I had my fair share in using self-inflate mattresses and some manual inflate ones as well. The choices are wide and personally experienced using “Pacific Outdoors: Thermal Mattress”.

Sleeping Bag – I’m using “TrailHead+20” by TETON SPORTS ( I have used the Triton Mummy Bag before and I liked it but the Teton Sports sleeping bags are excellent. (Currently working as an AMBASSADOR for Teton Sports)

• Knife:
Another wide selections. I personally like the knives made by MORAKNIV, HELLE KNIVES & BUCK KNIVES. But I have a personal outdoor knives partner: “JR’S KNIVES” (

(I am currently working as an AMBASSADOR for JR’S KNIVES)

• Water container – I prefer KLEAN KANTEEN stainless steel bottle. Why? Because I can transport water, process water and cook my meal if needed.

I like prepping my own outdoors food at home. It’s cheaper, safer and smarter. Some of the quick and easy are:
– Mixed Fruit
– Oatmeal (with milk and sugar)
– Spicy Ramen Noodle Pack
– Homemade dehydrated fruits
– Homemade dehydrated jerkies.
– Rice and zip lock fresh meat and veggies which I can cook outdoors.
– Homemade Trail Mix and Power Bars.

How I start a fire without matches:
– Ferro Rod (My personal favorite)
– Flint & Steel + Char Cloth
– Magnifying Glass
– Bic Lighter

You can check out Joel’s Facebook page here.

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